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01 About me

A multi-passionate creative and a believer in the power of human connection through art, architecture, design, and communication. Constantly fascinated by the way design and communication move us, influence our feelings, and in turn, design us back. 


My education in interior design and architecture gave me the opportunity to explore the impact design has, and its ability to open new perspectives and horizons. I learned how to carry out a consistent concept from start to finish, developed organizational skills, detail orientation, critical thinking, problem solving, as well as visual and verbal communication and presentation skills.


Complementing my design education is a Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration. The professional business skills I’m learning are expanding my ability to do what I love and not limit it to impact through design exclusively. A goal I strive towards is using my skills to do work that helps people and makes their lives better. Whether it’s through design, creating and hosting meaningful impactful events, or directly through social community work.


Whenever I’m not obsessing about what causes social and personal change, I love writing, being around trees, chasing pink sunsets, and having conversations about why we exist in the world.


02 Portfolio

Arch : The Yemeni Museum

Arch: Very Little Form

Arch: A Pair Of Clubs