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Waste Not Vancouver

Course: Professional Business Practice

Program: Post Degree Diploma Business Administration


A group project to design and plan a digital product that benefits a community within the PDD program, Langara College, or Greater Vancouver. The deliverables included project proposal, management plan, presentations and debrief. We tried to find a solution to the problem of waste and alleviate some of the many challenges that those in need are facing in Vancouver. We aimed to solve it by creating a website that links charities in Vancouver to retailers for the purpose of distributing their perfectly unsold merchandise -which would otherwise be thrown away and disposed of to those in need.  Our goals were to provide food and clothing items to those in need, and link charities to organizations with the same societal goal.

This website works by allowing both, charities and retailers to register on the website, and the website’s algorithm will match the organizations who want to donate, to the charities with similar needs and criteria, as well as the proximity of location. The registration process includes gathering all the necessary information needed from both organizations, such as their current needs if they are the beneficiaries, or what surplus they can provide if they are the providers/retailers. Therefore, our website will act as a facilitator between charities and retailers with a shared societal goal and responsibility. 

We have reviewed two organizations in Vancouver as case studies due to their successful execution of similar services; we’ve fallen back on them as examples to learn from. What differentiates our platform though is that it not only caters to organizations providing food products, but it also includes organizations who want to donate clothing merchandise as well.

Skills used: Teamwork, project management, interpersonal competence, research, analysis, organization, and planning. 

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